Status of Uganda Trade Amidst COVID-19

Status of Uganda Trade Amidst COVID-19

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon.Amelia Kyambadde addressed the public on the  the status of Trade amidst #Covid19;She revealed that:

  • Exports had declined from US$383.62 million in January,2020 to US$352.91 million in February 2020.
  • Imports had declined from US$711.99 million in January,2020 to US$701.34 million in February,2020 and US$593.79 Million in March,2020.

She also noted that despite the crisis,Uganda had registered a number of achievements during the crisis.She revealed that :

  • Uganda is putting up a salt processing plant with a capacity of 192,000 MT/year.
  • Many Ugandans have embraced e-commerce and this has seen many online businesses flourishing.
  • All factories producing essential commodities remained operational.
  • 38 companies producing 43 brands of hand sanitizers and disinfectants have been certified by UNBS .
  • Commodity prices have gown down.
  • Production of N95 face masks is underway by NYTIL under the supervision of UNBS, National Drug Authority and Ministry of Health Uganda

Read full statement: Progress on Implementation of Trade SOPs 22nd April 2020