Organizational Structure

Existing Macro Structure, Ministry of Trade & Industry and Cooperatives
  1. Department of Finance and Administration
  2. Department of External Trade
  3. Department Of Internal Trade
  4. Department of Cooperative Development
  5. Department of Industry and Technology
  6. Department of Processing and Marketing
  7. Department of   Business development and quality Analysis

The Ministry also has 7 Units

  1. The Policy and Planning Unit
  2. The Resource Centre and ICT Unit
  3. The Procurement and Disposal Unit.
  4. Internal Audit Unit
  5. Human Resources Unit
  6. Legal Services Unit
  7. Accounts Unit

The Ministry also oversees the operations of the following semi-autonomous institutions;

  1. Uganda National Bureau of Standards – UNBS
  2. Management Training and Advisory Centre – MTAC
  3. Uganda Export Promotion Board – UEPB
  4. Uganda Industrial Research Institute – UIRI
  5. Uganda Commodity Exchange – UCE
  6. Uganda Development Cooperation – UDC
  7. Uganda Warehouse Receipt Authority – UWRSA
  8. Uganda Cleaner Production – UCPC
  9. Textile Development Agency – TEXDA

The Ministry Also has A  Commercial Services Office at Every District