Management Training and Advisory Centre

Management Training and Advisory Centre



Management Training and Advisory Centre (MTAC) is a body corporate under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry (MTTI) established initially as an ILO/UNDP Project in 1965 and later by an Act of Parliament in 1969. MTAC is 5% government funded while 95% of its budget is financed from its training, research and consultancy activities.

MTAC’s Vision, Mission and Values

The vision of MTAC is “A world of job creators underpinned by professionalism and diminishing poverty levels”.

The mission of MTAC is ” To promote Entrepreneurship and improve Management perfomancefor sustainable development”.

MTAC Guiding Values:

  1. Quality Service – MTAC aims at excellence in all its operations
  2. Customer-focus – MTAC aims at playing an advisory role to its customers through appropriate documentation and timely delivery of operaqtional materials
  3. Teamwork – Professional and support staff are expected to work together as a team for efficient and effective delivery of MTAC services
  4. Professionalism – All MTAC staff are required to demonstrate professionalism in carrying out their responsibilities and functions as a learning organisation founded on competence, respect for each other, integrity and transparency
  5. Enviromental Sensitivity – Enviromental responsibility or social responsibility will project MTAC as a responsible corporate organisation capable of converting/tapping technology to its advantage

Achievements for FY 2003/04

  1. MTAC has worked with UNESCO/International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) on an annual programme for capacity building in institutional management. A programme in Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE) that attracted participants from 36 universities from African countries was conducted in Kampala in June/July 2003.
  2. MTAC is preparing a MOU to facilitate working with an Indian organisation whereby two consultants will be seconded to Uganda to work in the areas of SMEs and Gender. MTAC and the National Institute of Small Industries Extension Training (NISIET) of India have attracted and brought four Indian companies with products in the small-scale industrial sector to exhibit at the Jinja Show ground.
  3. The Indian High Commissioner has rendered support to the Centre’s library by donating 100 copies of management development books
  4. A number of MTAC staff members have been registered for higher degree programmes. (3 members of professional staff have completed their masters course studies, two members of support staff have completed graduate courses, two secretaries have completed secretarial diploma courses)
  5. MTAC has joined the Africa-Asia SME Network 3-year Project. The project focuses on poverty reduction. With the support of the Ministry, MTAC has become one of the 11 participating organisations from 7 African countries. Benefits of this project to Uganda are, among others, to access funds and expertise in agro-based industry, food processing, metal works, entrepreneurship development, quality standards and improvement.

Collaborating Institutions

MTAC works very closely with the ministries of Finance, Planning and Economic Development; Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries; Local Government; Gender, Labour and Social Development as well as Public service. The institution maintains good working relationships with UNESCO/IIEP, ILO, the Indian High Commission, GTZ, NORAD, and NISIET. Other institutions with whom MTAC collaborates are UMA, ULAIA, UIA, UEPB, FUE, and Enterprise Uganda.