Business Development and Quality Assurance

Business Development and Quality Assurance

Business Development and Quality Assurance (BDQA) is a department under the Directorate of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).


  • To provide technical leadership in the formation of policies and regulatory framework for business development and quality assurance.

The department has two divisions

  • Training and Business skills Development
  • Quality Assurance & Standardisation

Activities undertaken/Achievements

  • Developed the MSME Policy and Strategic plan.
  • Developed Training materials for business development services (Financial management, Record keeping/ management, preparation of Business Plans).
  • 4,669 SMES trained in financial management, Book keeping, Preparation of Business Plan.
  • Trained 480 former street vendors were trained in areas of hairdressing and cosmetology, shoe making, Bakery and confectionary, and Tailoring in partnership with Management Training and Advisory Centre (MTAC). The department also guided them on the formalisation of their businesses and compliance with the regulators (URSB, URA, NSSF).
  • Supported over 1,000 members of Uganda Inter-Cottage industries on requirements for certification process of their products.  22 of them have had their products certified by UNBS.
  • Collected and analysed data on 30,000 MSMEs. This exercise was supported by District Commercial officers.
  • Provided Support to Standards Development. A number of standards have been identified and developed.
  • Cosmetics Products Development Strategy prepared.
  • Carried out awareness campaigns to promote certification of MSMEs products and services.
  • Developed a handbook for Good manufacturing and Good Hygiene Practices (GMP/GHP) for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Developed a number of project proposals to attract funding to support MSMEs development.