ICT Unit/Resource Center

ICT Unit/Resource Center

The ICT Unit/Resource Center is comprised of the IT Office and Library. These together Form the Ministry’s Resource center.

  1. The ICT Unit is responsible for dissemination of information within the ministry and to the rest of the world. It also ensures smooth Information flow within the ministry.
  2. Its also Responsible for Development,Management and Promotion of the Use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in the Ministry;
  3. It mantains the Ministrys Document Depository : Electronic and Physical


All staff of the Ministry are members of the Resource Centre. Other members are staff of other Ministries, Public Sector Organizations, Private Sector Organizations, Students of Tertiary Institutions who are doing Research and Individuals.


The Resource Centre has a collection of more than 5,000 titles of published and non-published information materials collected from local and international sources in form of books, pamphlets, articles and periodicals.

The Resource Centre offers open access system and the materials are arranged by subject and well labeled for easy access. These include information materials from the Government of Uganda Ministries, Institutions attached to the Ministry e.g. UNBS, UTB, UWA, Uganda Export Promotion Board, Uganda Industrial Research Institute and Management Training & Advisory Centre. The Private Sector and both Local and International Organizations send in their documents to the Resource Centre e.g. UMA, Madhvani, WTO, ITC, UNCTAD , NEMA, NARO etc.

Information materials like magazines and newsletters are kept in box files that are well labeled according to their titles and this ensures easy accessibility and retrieval.

Services Available

Information service: Providing information materials / information to users both on demand and in anticipation.

Reference Service: Providing information / information materials for users on demand.

Internet Service. A service where users are able to search databases on World Wide Web for information.

Referral Service: Directing users to other specific Libraries /Resource Centres for information materials not available in the Resource Centre.

Current Awareness Services: Users are notified about new acquisitions in the Resource centre.

Selective Dissemination of Information: Users are directed to specific information.

Mode of Acquisition

The Resource Centre acquires information materials through the following means:

Purchase: Relevant information materials are purchased for the Centre.

Donations: Some information materials are received as gifts/donations.

Exchange: Through information sharing with other Ministries and NGOs, some information materials are acquired through such a means.

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Closed during Public Holidays and Weekends.