DICOSS Project

“DICOSS project focuses on trade, tourism, industry and cooperatives sectors and the ability of both the government and local governments to deliver services at the grassroots level,” says Ms Elizabeth Tamale, Assistant Commissioner, MTIC and Co-ordinator of EIF programme.


In 2005/06 The Government of Uganda and the World Bank conducted a diagnostic trade integration study (DTIS) under the auspices of the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) (www.enhancedif.org). The DTIS report details the main economy-wide and sector specific constraints to trade expansion in Uganda; and in an action matrix proposes the urgent actions that need attention in the short, medium and long terms. One constraint cited is the weak link between the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives (MTIC) at the centre and the district commercial offices (DCOs) at the grassroots. This weak link affects adversely the ease with which MTIC can deliver on its mandate at the grassroots including delivery of trade and business services. The weakness of this link was confirmed by a consultancy study that MTIC had carried out in 2008 which also identified the main challenges faced by DCOs.

MTIC, working through the Second Trade Capacity Enhancement Project (TRACE II) itself funded by the EIF, has designed and secured EIF funding for the District Commercial Services Support Project (DICOSS) that is being implemented in 25 selected districts in Uganda. DICOSS is a pilot capacity building and training project to build capacity in target DCOs with the view to assisting the GoU deliver commercial services at the grassroots more efficiently and effectively.

DICOSS is a three year project with a budget of US $3,328,969 including a GoU contribution of US $ 330,850. The Memorandum of Understanding that triggers commencement and funding was signed between the Government of Uganda and the EIF Trust Fund Manager (United Nations Office for Programs Support – UNOPS) on 19th December 2011.


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