Uganda Commodity Exchange

Uganda Commodity Exchange Limited (UCE)


Uganda Commodity Exchange Limited (UCE) is a corporate entity duly registered in accordance with the laws of Uganda under the companies act.

The Vision
To establish a market that brings value to its members and the general trading public.

The Mission
To provide market information and services to buyers and sellers of commodities by establishing and operating a commodity exchange of the highest integrity available to Ugandans as well as regional and international buyers and sellers, based upon an open and free market system for the mutual benefit of the sellers and buyers; and to facilitate the procurement of and marketing of any commodity provided or desired by any consenting parties through the auspices of the exchange.

Management consist of the Board of directors who are the governing body and responsible for overseeing all activities. The day-to-day management is by hired personnel.

For all inquires, UCE can be reached at…
Uganda Commodity Exchange Ltd.
Plot 4 Jinja Road,
Social Security House ( Former Udyam House),
1st Floor, Nothern Wing,
P. O. Box 35998,
Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256 31 262922
Fax: +256 31 2262951