Policy Analysis Unit

Policy Analysis Unit


The Unit is responsible for policy research and analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation of strategies and programmes across the Ministry and its Agencies.


“A well coordinated result-oriented implementation of Sector Policies and Strategies.”


“To advise on the formulation of sound Sector Policies and Strategies, maximize institutional mobilization of funds, ensure efficient allocation and financial accountability so as to achieve

rapid and sustainable Sector growth and development.”

Functions of the Policy and Planning Unit


1. Assist Ministry departments in formulating fundable projects

a) Circulating format for the projects

b) Organizing a workshop to review the projects

c) Fine tuning fundable projects

2. Assist in the Ministry departments in the preparation of the budget framework paper

a) Circulating a budget call circular to departments

b) Circulating a work plan template

c) Reviewing individual departmental draft work pans

d) Organizing a workshop to review all draft work plans

e) Entering all the work plans, item budgets and half year reports into the OBT

f) Producing a budget framework paper

3. Assist the Ministry departments in drawing annual and quarterly work plans

a) Preparing annual work plans

b) Preparing quarterly work plans

4. Preparing Ministerial Policy Statements;

a) Updating reports up to third quarter of every financial year

b) Updating annual work plans and item budgets in the OBT

c) Organize a meeting by heads of departments and institutions to review the draft MPS

5. Prepare quarterly, biannual and annual report for submission to Office of the Prime Minister and MFPED

a) Circulating reporting formats to departments

b) Preparing quarterly reports

c) Preparing biannual reports

d) Preparing annual report

6. Coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the sectoral economic plans and programmes

a) Analyzing national budget frameworks, drafting and disseminating short reports on the

Economic performance of the sector.

7. Review strategies, projects and programmes and ensure their implementation

a) Analyzing both project and programs of the Ministry in terms of objectives and activities

b) Analyzing the levels of implementations for projects and programs

Ministerial Policy Statements

MTIC Ministerial Policy Statement 2015-2016

MTIC Ministerial Policy Statement 2013-2014

MTIC Ministerial Policy Statement 2012-2013

MTIC Ministerial Policy Statement 2011-2012