Internal Trade

The Internal Trade Department

Plan for Internal Trade Department 2016/2017

  1. Draft Gift Policy
  2. Draft Market and Supermarket guidelines and submit to Cabinet;
  3. Make Inventory of locally produced goods and services conducted [BUBU];
  4. Print Application Forms and certificates printed and issued for Non-citizens traders, Tobacco and Travelling wholesaler Licenses country wide;
  5. Avail Hire purchases Application Forms and Licenses
  6. Submit Sale of Goods and Supply of services Bill to Parliament
  7. Submit Anti-Counterfeits Goods Bill to Parliament
  8. Draft BUBU Implementation Strategy developed
  9. Draft Consumer Protection Bill and Competition Bill to Ministry of Justice for Legal Guidance
  10. Application Forms and Certificates printed and issued for Non-citizen Traders and
  11. Print and Issue Tobacco Buying Licenses