Internal Trade

The Internal Trade Department

The Department of Internal trade derives its mandate from the Constitutional mandate of the Ministry stipulated in the 6th schedule of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda of promoting trade and commerce.

TD is thus mandated to; provide an enabling environment for private sector growth and competitiveness through development and implementation of domestic policies and laws.

The Department is headed by the Commissioner, assisted by two Assistant Commissioners for;

  • Trade and Inspectorate and
  • Private Sector competitiveness.
  • Under the Commissioners, there are 4 Principle Commercial Officers, 6 Senior Commercial Officers,and 6 Commercial Officers.

Manage the development and implementation of trade related policies and laws that promote the development of domestic trade.

Plan, coordinate, and supervise strategies and projects aimed at nurturing the private sector to improve its competitiveness in the domestic, regional and international markets.

Support the Districts, Urban Authorities and local governments align their plans, programmes, activities and policies support trade development and harmonized with the National Trade Policy.

Plan, coordinate and manage the East African Community Framework negotiations, programs/ strategies and projects.

Promote the integration of trade policy agenda and regulatory framework of other Ministries, Departments and Agencies