Switch Africa Green Beneficiaries

Switch Africa Green Beneficiaries


  • Reduction of energy bills ( costs)
  • Be assisted to develop a documented energy management system that can be used to efficiently and optimally utilize energy resources in the company.
  • Reduction of emissions through minimization of non-clean energy while promoting use of clean energy sources.
  • Successful enterprises shall serve as model enterprises for benchmarking by other enterprises.

Identified Potential Businesses

The project during implementation is focusing on the following sub-sectors:

Iron and Steel, Metal fabrication and Foundries,Sugar manufacturing, Beverages processing enterprises, Tea processing factories,, Dairy processing industries, Textiles and garments manufacturing, Leather Tanneries Industries and Bakeries.

Roles of Participating Companies

  • Providing commitment to the implementation of the project activities such as allowing the staff to undertake training sessions at no cost.
  • Fixing the identified gaps in order to minimize energy costs and to make the production process energy efficient.