QUISP Implementation


The overall programme implementation is to be based on the centralised approach i.e. where the programme will be fully integrated into the main stream existing government agencies and some key private sector agencies. The programme will be implemented over a five year period. In order to achieve the intended outcomes and deliver the foreseen outputs, the programme has to undertake a number of activities for each of the respective components as detailed in this proposal.

This will require concerted efforts and inputs which are reflected in the programme budget as part of the proposal. The mechanisms for the programme management and coordination are described below:

  • Overall control at Government of Uganda (MTIC) National Level (implementing Agency)
  • Policy supervision and Guidance by Steering Committee (Government, Private sector, Donors)
  • Coordination and Programme Management Unit to be integrated in existing Government Institutions

The Programme will be implemented by the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry (MTTI) and managed by the Programme Manager in the Ministry, and the Programme Management Unit (PMU) staff. The Programme Components will be managed by Component Coordinators within an integrated PMU that will be established by the Permanent Secretary, with two offices (one at the Ministry Headquarters and another at UNBS). The Project Management Team will be supported by long and short term Technical Assistants in undertaking particular activities as identified in Annex I.

Each Component of the programme has a specific plan (section 6), a budget (section 10) and a time frame. The respective component coordinators will be coordinated by a Programme Manager. To strengthen the capacity of MTIC, the project implementation will be based at the Ministry head quarters and the Permanent Secretary will appoint the Programme Manager from the existing Ministry staff in order to build the institutional capacity and ensure sustainability of the programme activities at the end of the programme period.