DICOSS Objectives

DICOSS Objectives

The overall objective of the project is to improve MTIC’s effectiveness in the delivery of commercial services at the grassroots level in the target districts.

The project aims at strengthening selected DCOs through training, equipping, retooling and facilitating them; and fostering the building of networks among them and with key stakeholders especially small and medium enterprises.

Specific Objectives

  • To equip and retool targeted DCOs
  • To facilitate DCOs deliver commercial and business services in their districts
  • To facilitate the building of networks between DCOs and other stakeholders

DICOSS project focuses on trade, tourism, industry and cooperatives sectors and the ability of both the GOU and the Local Governments to deliver these services at the grassroots level. In Uganda’s decentralized administrative system, the DCO is central in the delivery of the commercial and business services at that level. The DCO’s capacity in that respect is to be enhanced through redefinition of their functions and mandates, provision of equipment, training and facilitating and improving the links of the DCOs with MTIC, with other government agencies, and lower Local Governments and with the general public that they are meant to serve. DICOSS will also support the drawing up of work plans by the DCOs and contribute funds towards implementation of those work plans.

The project will support the capacity development of the 25 districts through the provision of equipment and training; clarifying their mandates and functions, and streamlining relations with MTIC including reporting requirements. The project will also facilitate regular contacts between MTIC and the districts.