A report of the Challenges faced by Industries
Challenges of EnterprisesNumber of Enterprises
High transportation costs High taxes5
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High prices3
High Transportation costs Bad roads2
High cost of raw materials2
Unstable Prices Poor roads2
Lack of capital2
<p>High transportation costs</p>2
Inavailability locally1
Heavy duties imposed on the materials plus suppliers not ready to give credit facilities1
Increased input cost1
While importing ethanol, we are being asked to pay cash bound at Mombasa port on top of paying tax at the Uganda border hence delay and constraints in our work flow1
Fluctuating Exchange Rates Fluctuating Prices1
Raw materials are not available locally1
Quality Flactuations Unstable Dollar rate Increasing transportation costs1
High prices of paper, ink and other computer materials1
Imports are very expensive1
Transportation Costs are high1
Poor roads Electricity fluctuations  1
Insufficient Quantity Poor Quality1
Poor Roads Theft On roads1
Poor Roads High transportation costs High Raw material prices1
High Transportation costs Working Capital not readily available Power shortage1
Climate change Poor roads1
Variation in Weather Delays in importation1
Price Flunctuations Competition1
Change Of Seasons Lack Of enough capital1
Banana Bacterial Wilt1
Importation costs are high1
Raw materials are seasonal Competition1
Bad Weather1
High prices for raw materials Lack of technical skilled personnel Bad roads High interest rates1
High transportation costs Price fluctuations  1
Low quality raw materials  1
High procuring costs1
Shortage of Raw materials1
High transportation costs Inadequate working capital1
Poor quality poultry feeds Fluctuation of prices1
high prices of milk season changes1
Unreliable Timber Fluctuation of prices1
Shortage of raw materials Fluctuation in prices Lack of enough catpital1
Unreliability of raw materials1
Timber scarcity Electricity fluctuations1
Price increase High transportation cost1
Poor road network Lack of transport High competition1
Lack of transport Irregular electricity supply1
Scarcity of timber High transportation costs1
Diseases Seasonal changes1
High Prices of raw materials1
High transportation costs Drought Fluctuating costs of grains1
Seasonal changes High transportation costs1
Delay with suppliers1
Unreliable supply of fruits Seasonal changes Lack of appropriate technologies1
High taxes Scarcity of raw materials1
Lack of storage for raw materials1
Decline in availability of Nile Perch1
High Inflation rates High cost of raw materials1
Import delay1
Not easily available Dalays at customs High tariffs1
Lack of working capital Competition1
Delays in acquisition Poor quality raw materials1
High transportation costs High prices for raw materials1
High prices for raw materials  1
Shortage of storage1
Scarcity Poor quality1
High fuel prices Bad roads1
Fluctuation in prices Transportation1
Importation delays High transportation cost1
Price Fluctuation1
High transport costs Delays in imports1
High competition Drought1
Fluctuation of the dollar rates1
scarcity bad roads1
high prices scarcity1
Lack of proper financing1
Price Flactuation Delays in transit1
High transportation costs Seasonal factor  1
Seasonal product High transportation costs  1
Import delays High transportation costs1
Cost Of Raw Materials is high1
competition price fluctuation1
High transport costs Seasonal factors1
Seasonal High transportation cost1
High prices Dollar fluctuation High taxes1
Rising prices Short supply1
Expensive Transport High prices Orders take long1
Poor roads Seasonal production1
Lack of capital  1
Transport is expensive1
Unstable prices High taxes levied1
Seasonal production1
Hiccups clearing at the border1

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