Trainings Conducted

This is a report showing training conducted by different enterprises
A report showing the trainings conducted by different industries
Type of TrainingNumber of Enterprises
Technical Parameters1
Basics Machinery Maitenance1
Current Good manufacturing Practises Waste management Occupational health and safety1
In House short Courses1
Shipping & Management Effective Tax Management Quantity Management systems Chemical Management Application of automotive paints HIV/AIDS Fire Fighting Occupational Health & Safety Customer Care First Aid1
Customer Care Training Fire Control Training Environmental Awareness1
HACCP Occupational Healthy and Safety1
Customer Care Aggressive Competitive marketing Market Research Quality Control Office/Factory Cleanliness Record keeping1
Fire Fighting Cleaner Production1
Leather Processing Techniques1
Motor Vehicle Mechanics1
Machine Operations Cleaning of Food Stuffs1
Machine Operations Office Training1
ISO 22000 Best Manufacturing Practises1
Quality Produce1
Fisheries Training programme Product Handling Personal Hygine and Sanitation1
Quality Control1
Metal Fabrication Maintainance Automotive Electrical1
ETW Teambuilding, Communications & Finance Customer Care Marketing HACCP1
Apprenticeship Crafts1
Quality Control Customer Care Record Keeping Bee products, handling and management1
Hygiene and quality of Milk selection1
Bee Keeping Honey Production1
Metal Fabricating1
Carpentry training2
Machine operations Baking skills Marketing skills1
Crop Extension Post Harvest Marketing1
Workshop safety Customer care Marketing skills1
Quality Standards Product Development Seed Multiplication1
Quality management training1
Marketing & Sales Good manufacturing practices1
Training in Juice processing Training in soap making1
Better Farming methods1
Maize Processing Safety Measures customer care1
metal cutting customer care welding safety skills1
Quality & Safety Training1
Quality Assurance Goods manufacturing Hygiene1
Packing filling1
Shoe crafting Machine operations1
Spraying cattle Planting suckers1
use of pesticides traning on mordern agriculture hygiene and sanitation1
Weeding Handling equipment Packaging1
Motivation training Key coaching1
Occupational & Safety Training Fire Fighting ISO 2001/20081
Safety Training Quality management Team work training1
Management Machine operations Using computers1
Good Farming practises1
Record Keeping Customer care1
technical skills1
Food Safety Pest Control1
Production Training Sales Marketing1
Finance Management1
Woodwork Fabricating1
customer care safety measures simple repairs1
book keeping leadership food hygiene1
HIV/AIDS First Aid Machine operations1
Production Training Environmental Management Waste control1
Hygiene Baking1
Book keeping Juice processing management skills1
Safety Training Operations Training1
Fire fighting First Aid Training Lube Oil Training1
Business management Record keeping1
Business management Record keeping Painting1
Food Safety Management Good Manufacturing processes Audit Techniques Product Certification Occupational health1
Harvesting Pole treatment Health and safety training1
ISO 22000-20051
Auditing Stores Management HR Planning Customer Relationship Health & Safety1
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Inhouse Training: GMP/GHP, Cleaning Procedures, Quality Awareness, Accident Management26

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